Family Law Attorneys

Family law includes divorce, adoption, child custody, visitation rights, child support, etc. These are difficult decisions that often result in disputes among the parties involved. In order to make sure everything is smooth and your case handled professionally, we at Kaitlyn Miller Law strive to help you along this difficult process.

Divorce is an emotionally taxing situation and you need a professional to handle it. There is a large amount of paperwork involved and no matter how familiar you are with the legal proceedings, it is best to let a hired family lawyer sort out all the problems. They will make sure your rights are protected. They will listen to your concerns and find a solution that protects your interest.

If you have any child, there is an important matter of child custody after the divorce which should not be taken lightly. In most cases, there is a battle between the mother and father and your lawyer will make sure it is sorted properly with visitation rights granted.
In case of guardianship, your lawyer will make sure you are eligible as a guardian and will help you to fill out the proper documents needed to make your case.