Property Division and Debt Repayment Plan

Just getting your spouse to sign the divorce papers is not enough, you need to make sure that your rights are well protected and Kaitlyn Miller Law will help you do just that.

The first and the foremost issue that comes forward is property division. Other than private property all other property is to be divided among the parties involved. If a couple bought a house and it is under the one party’s name, the other spouse will still get part in the property. In some cases, the division of property may not be equal. In case the couple fails to reach an agreement, the law has to decide for them. The property is then divided equitably and not equally as it often goes in the favor of one spouse. The financial position, their contribution to the property, and other factors determine how much of the property goes to each person.

Another important problem is that of debts. Before filing for divorce, you need to see how financially stable you are, the less debts you have, the easier and smoother things will go. It is usually divided equally but if one spouse has won more property, they will be responsible for more debts.

Divorce comes with many issues that are best solved with the help of a professional. Kaitlyn Miller Law will help make sure that you get your fair share of property and help you devise a proper debt repayment plan.