Free consultations are when the lawyer will listen to your problem and offer some thoughts on your case without charging anything in return. This helps the lawyer to understand their client’s problem and give the client an opportunity to see if the lawyer would be suitable for them and vice versa.

You can then later decide if you want to hire that lawyer or not and they can decide if they will be able to fight for you and find a solution to your problem. In some cases, even if someone decides not to hire the lawyer, they can help them realize their rights and can guide them to an extent without any fee.

Free consultations can help you realize your possibilities and your next possible step but they will not represent you in court, for that you will have to hire them. Kaitlyn Miller Law will help you to find the right solution that will be suitable for your case.

It is better not to rely totally on free consultations because, in them, lawyers are just giving you their thoughts on your case but if you are able to hire them, they will give you their complete attention. Lawyers offer free consultations to analyze if they can take your case and do justice to it.

Kaitlyn Miller Law offers free consultations to help you find the right lawyer who is experienced and interested in your case. We do not want people to not know about their legal rights because they cannot afford to hire a lawyer. They should at least know their potential options and their next possible steps.